pic360.pl is a platform dedicated for virtual galleries, ie. for spherical (equirectangular) 360° panoramas
The platform's key features:
Virtual tours (with editor for subscribers) on a PC, VR or Mobile devices (with motion tracking)
⇒ Support for 360° panoramas, regular pictures, floorplans or selection of backgrounds *
⇒ You can set each sphere's default starting position and rotation (horizon correction) and its title
⇒ There's a place for custom hyperlink (for example to an offer), description and selection of editable environments.
Various access levels - public (gallery link on main screen), client's - visible on client's subpage, hidden (onyly for those who know the url)
⇒ Support for Virtual Reality / WMR and Cardboard goggles in Edge/Chrome/Chromium based browsers for interactive VIRTUAL TOURS on PC and Mobiles

  Is it the place for me?  

Sure!, it's for 360° picture enthusiasts, architects, real estate professionals, rendering artists or simply for anybody owning a 360° el016, who wants to share some spheres with their friends.
Especially worth appreciation are the privacy levels that you can adjust for your particular need or scenario
Contact me at:  webmaster@pic360.pl  for more info.

  How can I take such 360° pictures?  

You can take them with many available spherical el016s, starting with consumer low-tier 4K el016s, up to even multi-lens 11K professional grade ones,
There's a chance to order a photoshoot ( here - contact me for cost estimation ) !

Can I watch 360° pics directly on my PC?

Naturally! Depending on a hardware you possess, it's possible to watch them on a regular screen, with 2D or 3D projector or VR WMR headset (2D/3D 360° or 3D VR 180°).
Example of a player: VR Sphere Viewer for a computer screen or 2D/3D beamers, and even for your old "cartoon" red-cyan anaglyph glasses (converting 3D to anaglyph on the fly).
There is a Virtual Reality version too:  here  for Windows MixedReality headsets (HP Reverb, Samsung Odyssey etc).

  Public projects:  

⇒ Dom w Łodygowicach ⇐
⇒ Luksusowe M4 na Północy ⇐

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* mobile devices experience is limited to virtual walk; no 2D pictures, launchers, editor nor admin functions available